What do yodeling and Kylie Jenner have in common? YouTube's top 2018 videos


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What do yodeling and Kylie Jenner have in common? YouTube's top 2018 videos Digital Trends

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Kylie Jenner's mini-documentary for daughter tops YouTube's list of trending ... New York Daily News

YouTube users had no problem keeping up with Kylie Jenner this year, as the reality star's mini-documentary tracking her surprise pregnancy landed at the top of the list for 2018's top trending videos. The 11-minute clip was titled “To our daughter ...

How did Maroon 5 top Drake as one of YouTube's most popular music videos in 2018? Fast Company

It's the year of our Lord 2018, and apparently it's not “God's Plan” to have Drake earn the No. 1 spot on YouTube's list of the most-viewed music videos this year. advertisement. Despite the fact that everyone was doing the “In My Feelings” challenge ...

Local content tops trend list for YouTube S'pore The Straits Times

Home-grown singer-songwriter Charlie Lim has beaten superstar JJ Lin in the popularity stakes on YouTube. His remake of We Are Singapore, the official National Day Parade theme song for 2018, was the top trending non-music YouTube video in ...

Watch: YouTube Rewind 2018 Recaps the Year in Viral Videos, Memes, and Trends Geek

It was a year dominated by Fortnite, K-pop, the Kiki challenge, the Olympics… and the yodeling Walmart kid? Every year, YouTube recaps the highlights of the year with a Rewind video, which features the biggest moments and memes as presented by the ...

YouTube Rewind 2018 Puts Storyline In The Hands Of Creators (Watch) Tubefilter

A whole year on YouTube has seemingly led up to this: the annual Rewind compilation, which is produced by digital studio Portal A, and which sees the video giant taking a look back at the creators, videos, and memes that had the biggest impact in 2018.

Watch all the highlights of 2018 with YouTube Rewind Mashable

Can you believe it's already the end of 2018? YouTube is celebrating its biggest creators with a collaborative video featuring over a hundred vloggers in YouTube Rewind. The video opens up with Will Smith at the Grand Canyon, a throwback to his wild ...

YouTube Rewind: A Look At The Top Trending Videos In Canada For 2018 ETCanada.com

Aaron Brindle, a YouTube Trends expert, said the list was created based on viewer engagement, not just the number of views a video has. “The YouTube Rewind list is like a pop culture mirror to Canada and the way we look at it is views for one thing ...

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Here, and It's a Fortnite-Themed Mashup of All the Year ... Adweek

There are few cultural phenomena on the scale of YouTube Rewind, a head-spinningly packed recap of the video influencers, memes and moments of the year. Last year's clip was viewed more than 200 million times, and the newest installment, created ...

YouTube Rewind 2018 recaps the year in trends, memes and reveals top trending ... 9to5Google

With the year coming to an end, Google's various services often take the time to recap what happened. The Google Play Best of 2018 already did this with the top apps, movies, and books, and now Google's video site is following suit with YouTube Rewind ...

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In @YouTube Rewind this year I didn't see many big youtubers, just a bunch of celebrities, late night hosts, and a ton of Youtubers I've never heard of. felt more like Youtube was trying to make a statement rather than go through the whole year. A few exceptions but overall shit.
RT @duckykevins: If this get 50 likes I’ll do a parody of YouTube rewind and call it stray kids rewind
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Una cosa es que te guste Youtube y reconocer a la mitad de #YouTubeRewind. Otra es LLORAR con el Rewind, saber el 90% de los que salieron y saber exactamente quién hace falta. OMG :'(
Le youtube rewind je le trouve vraiment bof et en plus niveau français y'a que enjoyphoenix??
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The YouTube rewind was so bad xlxkxmxmccn
RT @OMGitsAliA: No sign of the my intro in YouTube Rewind - Time to riot
RT @MrBeastYT: It would be funny if YouTube rewind got demonetized.
El YouTube rewind de este año estuvo meeeeh, a acepción de la participación de James Charles, Lusito Comunica, Julio Profe y la canción de baby shark
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